At this time last year, I was in New York City with my family. It was my first trip to New York, and we traveled there two weeks after I got home from a two-week vacation in London. I noticed a huge difference between traveling alone and traveling with my family. In London I was fully independent and did everything by myself. In NYC, my family always looked out for me and looked after me. I am not ungrateful for their attention and support, but – just having ‘done London’ alone – it felt unnecessary. I felt then – and I still feel now – that I could have ‘done New York’ by myself. I have the capability to tackle a big city alone. I might have to take things slower physically and I might not be able to do everything, but I can certainly be functionally independent anywhere, and that’s always been true. I’m glad that I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday in Times Square with my family, but it also felt good to know that I could have experienced New York by myself and not only survived, but done well.

My London trip that year gave me independence and self confidence that I hadn’t felt in two years and motivated me to return to London to do what I do now: study publishing, work in the industry, do power pilates, and Live In London. I’m where I want to be and becoming who I want to be.


About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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2 Responses to #ilovenewyork

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I admire your determination. Good luck with everything!

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