The nature of rehab is doing work to get better. This often means that I spend 98% of my rehab-dedicated time focusing on problems, weaknesses, failures, and pain. I do the work to make my body better and my life better, but when I am ‘in it’ my energy goes toward correcting and healing problems and rehabilitating myself. This mindset can be quite negative and often very lonely, even if I am working with a professional.

My friend Emma very graciously gave me a birthday gift in the form of a book called You Are Good At Things: A Checklist by Andy Selsberg. It’s about taking the time and mental energy to consider what we as human beings are good at rather than focusing on our weaknesses, failings, and problems. I thought I would make my own list of things I am good at.

I am good at:

  •  baking cheesecake
  •  taking showers
  •  remembering song lyrics
  •  giving good hugs
  •  making mashed potatoes
  •  writing haikus
  •  evangelizing pilates
  •  doing the standing head to knee pose in the bikram yoga series
  •  speaking fluent Starbucks
  •  putting on mascara
  •  eating lemon polenta cake
  •  doing laundry
  •  writing thoughtful reader’s reports
  •  editing
  •  giving massages
  •  remembering personal details about people and their lives and stories
  •  holding grudges
  •  changing the colour of my hair
  •  wearing Lululemon

What are you good at?


About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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