I’ve been practicing pilates for five years now and it’s something I’m fairly comfortable with. I had a class with a new teacher tonight – at an entirely different studio than the one at which I normally train – and I was very humbled. He was an engineer before he became a pilates teacher – where others have backgrounds in gymnastics, dance, and physiotherapy – so he was able to give me a unique perspective. He forced me to think about my body in a different way and he helped me to strengthen the mind-body connection that I sometimes don’t use in classes or with other forms of exercise. He didn’t let me just ‘go through the motions’ and really forced me to pay attention to my body and my intentions. I left the class feeling more relaxed, having relieved tension in my back, shoulders, and neck. I felt that I was very present during the class and that I really learned about my own workout habits, preferences, and tendencies. It’s nice to sometimes have a ‘wake up call’ about what I am comfortable with and to learn how I can get better by doing things differently or complementing what I have done with other new things. 


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