I recently watched a documentary about a woman named Jaycee Lee Dugard. She was abducted when she was a little girl and was eventually rescued eighteen years later. She works with a therapist who said, ‘It happened to her but it’s not who she is,’ which struck a chord with me. My disability happened to me but it’s not who I am. I can allow it to become who I am, but I can also define myself by other things that I am. I thought – in that spirit – I would make a list of things about myself that have nothing to do with my disability.

  1. I started reading when I was very little. I loved books and I still do. Reading and writing are my two greatest loves in life.
  2. If people give me a compliment, they usually call me sweet.
  3. Before I entered the publishing industry, I wanted to be an academic. If I did a PhD, it would be in modernist literature.
  4. My best friend has been my best friend for more than ten years.
  5. My funeral song will be Florence + The Machine’s ‘Spectrum.’ 

About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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