I started seeing a chiropractor in 2011 for a treatment he offered called graston. I’d had painful and negative experiences with chiropractic adjustments as a child and teenager, so I was reluctant to have him adjust me. My mother swears by the chiropractor and I know other people – particularly those who have had whiplash – who have benefited greatly from chiropractic medicine. I wasn’t one of them and, for a very long time, I was unwilling to be adjusted. It took me months to trust Luke enough to have him adjust me. He was concerned about the unevenness and twistedness of my pelvis, and he finally persuaded me to let him adjust me. My second adjustment led to my first pain free day in two and a half years. I recall getting out of bed and getting dressed and walking down the street, suddenly realizing that I was entirely without pain for the first time in years. My back didn’t hurt at all. It felt like being free – for one day – of an abusive relationship.

Luke persuaded me to let him adjust me more as time went on. There were instances where he would position my body to adjust me and I would tense up out of fear and he could not perform the treatment safely, so he didn’t. He always made sure that I was safe and encouraged me to relax, even though he knew that the adjustment scared me. When I calmed myself enough for him to work on my pelvis, back, and shoulders, the relief he gave me was immediate.

Last summer, I came into Luke’s office for graston and lay on his table. He said, ‘Your pelvis is completely twisted.’ My heart sank. ‘I went to pilates yesterday,’ I argued. I didn’t understand how my pelvis could already be twisted after I’d just done work to balance it in pilates. The experience was sobering evidence of the need for continual exercise and commitment to both change and maintenance of change. I stopped whining long enough for Luke to untwist my pelvis and break down the scar tissue in my knees. I was dedicated to receiving graston by then, and I realized that I could do the same with chiropractic medicine if I so chose. In the end, I decided not to continually pursue chiropractic treatment.

Not every available treatment works well on everyone or suits everyone. Some people find bikram yoga therapeutic and others find it torturous. Some people are avid runners and others can’t stand the thought of a ten minute jog. Some people have great experiences with pilates and other people want more rigorous cardio-based exercise. Some people are gym rats and others would prefer to be outside. Everyone has individual tastes, preferences, experiences, and habits that work for them, and when something doesn’t work, they find things that do work. I’m not opposed to going to the chiropractor if needed, but it’s not something I would like to make part of my daily – or even weekly – health routine and commitment. I have a chiropractor whom I trust for other treatments, so I know I always have the option of going to him for more adjustments. It’s just not my cup of tea and is as simple as that.    


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