People tell me to accept my disability rather than work to overcome it. They say that it’s fine to work toward a cure but to also live with a certain amount of acceptance of my disability. I understand the perspective, but if I replaced the word ‘disability’ with ‘cancer’ people would think differently and respond to me in a different way. They would encourage me to keep working toward a complete cure. People have said that it’s okay if I get 95% of the way in curing my disability and I never completely rid myself of every trace of cerebral palsy. I don’t think anyone would ever tell me it would be okay to rid myself of 95% of my cancer if I had cancer. They wouldn’t say to me, ‘Accept your cancer and do the best you can. Quit working to cure yourself and just be healthy.’ They would stand behind me in my journey to cure myself of cancer. I wish the same could be applied to my disability. 


About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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