I haven’t written lately because nothing has really ‘happened’ that I feel is worth blogging about. That, I realized tonight, is worth writing about. I am just ‘living my life.’ When I started my rehabilitation therapy and my journey to overcome my disability, I approached it from the perspective of only three or four years to a complete cure. I eventually adapted my perspective – and thus my practice – into a lifestyle. I still wish – and work – to cure myself, but I have accepted that this is a lifelong commitment. This shift in perspective ‘normalized’ my rehab from this gigantic thing to more of a ‘part of’ my life. My rehabilitation gives my life purpose it didn’t have before, but now I see it as part of my daily routine in the same way that I see eating, sleeping, working, being with friends, and everything else that makes my life what it is. This is particularly true when I have full time regular work: that becomes my priority and I fit the rehab around it rather than making rehab the centre of my life and scheduling everything – and everyone – else around my pilates and physiotherapy schedule. When I work and have a steady routine, my rehab is forced to become more an element of me rather than All Of Me. I can let this completely consume me if I want to – or if I allow it to – but I have forced myself to put work ahead of it, and that makes it less of an ‘issue’ in my day to day life and more of a ‘part’ of my day to day life, the way some people go to yoga at six in the morning every day and some people go to the gym every day after work. It’s a matter of fact part of life. It isn’t life itself. 


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