This afternoon, I had a twenty minute massage from a therapist who correctly diagnosed my leg pain as a shin splint. A couple of days ago, I jammed my foot the ‘wrong way’ into my shoe and walked like that – and in excruciating pain – for more than half an hour, blistering the back of my foot and causing the pain that the therapist treated this afternoon. In addition to massaging my leg, she bent my leg and my foot different ways to help increase mobility and relieve the stiffness and pain that extended not only down my shin and calf, but up into my femur and hip. The shin splint affected my entire leg, even though the pain was only concentrated in one place. I left the massage feeling much better, and I will never again put my foot the wrong way into my shoe. I laugh as I write this. It hurt then, but recounting the story now makes it funny and easier to deal with.  


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