I just saw on Twitter that The Mobility Resource posted a list titled ’11 Things That Make a Wheelchair User Go “Ugh”’ so I thought I would make my own list of eleven disability-related things that make me go ‘ugh.’ I don’t mean to victimize myself, whine, or be self-pitying, but we all have things and experiences that make us go ‘ugh.’

  1. Inaccessible tube stations.
  2. Stairs that have no railings or other support.
  3. Having people tell me that I limp or pointing out other visibilities of my disability to me as though I’m unaware.  
  4. Being asked if I could walk before I found out I could be cured.
  5. People doing things for me – or offering to do things for me – that I’m perfectly capable of, like opening a car door or carrying a mostly-drunk mug of tea to a kitchen.
  6. People assuming that my disability also affects my intelligence or ability to learn.
  7. People using my disability to tell me their own sob stories.
  8. People fibbing/lying to me in order to protect me, only to reveal the truth to me later on. It hurts so much more to find out I’ve been lied to or led on than to hear what the person was hiding from me.
  9. People feeling the need to ‘step in’ for me because they believe I will fail if they don’t.

10. People telling me not to cure myself and to just ‘accept my disability and get on with it.’

11. Having a disability at all. It makes me ‘ugh’ every day.

 Well. That was cheerful. Happy Saturday!


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writer. aspiring editor.
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