‘There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.’ – Manolo Blahnik

I recently completed work experience with a publishing company. Just before I started the internship, I spent several days looking for work-appropriate shoes. I ended up buying shoes that were too big, but I bought insoles to compensate rather than buying a closer-fitting size because I felt guilty about the expense of another pair and didn’t want to be wasteful. It is very challenging – physically and confidence-wise – to wear ill-fitting shoes. I ‘made do’ with that pair as best I could, but noticed a huge difference when I bought correct-fitting boots a few days ago. The change was remarkable. I walked straighter and more confidently, I felt more balanced, and I felt secure. I realized how much of a number I had done to both my body and my confidence by wearing shoes that didn’t fit.

Lesson learned. 


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3 Responses to #charming

  1. nicolanoo says:

    Finding shoes can be hard, glad you found some in the end.

    • Norah says:

      me too. it’s so hard. and so frustrating when you spend so much money on the wrong footwear! sorry i haven’t written in a while. nothing has really ‘happened’ that’s worth writing about, you know? how’re you, sweetie? xxxx

      • nicolanoo says:

        I know. i tend to go through footware really fast too because the way I walk means I put holes in them. That’s okay, just write when you feel the need. I’m okay thanks. How’re you doing? xx

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