I finished my day with a therapeutic vinyasa class and floated home. I feel that I am really taking care of myself by doing this yoga. It reduces my stress, makes me feel more grounded, and gives me a natural high. I think that’s what I enjoy the most about the form of yoga I’ve just discovered: it feels the most natural to me. It’s not easy, but there is a certain comfort to it because of the fluidity of the poses. I feel as though I am working with my body rather than fighting against it to make it better. I am not punishing and berating myself and my body for being disabled. I am thanking my body for allowing me to move through the poses and to get the benefits of the practice. It feels really good to work through the challenges rather than struggling against them. Shifting my expectations has also shifted my reality.   

‘We don’t have to live our lives forever defined by the damaging things that have happened to us.’ – Eleanor Longden 


About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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