I took my second hot yin class tonight and found it easier to get through than the first. I wasn’t quite keen on deep stretching in fewer poses because I wanted more of a cardiovascular workout, but the stretching helped release tension in my back and shoulders. I found myself teary through a few of the hip-opening poses.

My yoga teacher at home told me that women hold emotions like sadness, stress, and grief in their hips. I understood then why I sometimes cry during sex and why I have cried through various forms of yoga. In opening up my hips, I am relieving myself of not only the tension in my hips, but the emotions I hold in them.

My hips and hip flexors are naturally tight and inflexible. Funnily enough, though I stretch my hip flexors constantly in pilates, I rarely actually feel the stretch. Tonight, during the first hip-opening pose (a deep lunge), I felt the stretch very intensely in both hips and each hip flexor. I also felt myself not only beginning to cry, but opening up to the emotions I was holding in my hips. I pulled myself together, but shed a few tears through other poses as the class progressed. I’m surprised that, by the end, I wasn’t in a flood of tears. I’m even more surprised that I’m not crying now.

I had a tough pilates class this morning because I psyched myself out. I struggled with some balancing exercises and that set the tone for the rest of the class. I was angry with myself and afraid to try other exercises that involved moving balance. I feel calmer since having done yoga. It isn’t to say one is better than the other or that the situation can’t be switched, but I am glad what frayed my nerves this morning was soothed this evening, even though I did cry a little and go through some unsettling emotions, like frustration and stress.


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2 Responses to #stressball

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I’ve often considered trying pilates but I’ve just never got round to it or had the confidence to go.

  2. Norah says:

    you will never get the confidence to go unless you just go and do it. doing it will build confidence in your ability to do it. start with private classes to assess where you are and want to be, and then either continue on with those or shift to group classes. i promise you: it will transform your life.

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