A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about booking some private yoga therapy to address my weaknesses and make sure I was performing the poses correctly. I carried on with group classes because I did not want to be self-indulgent but, as I was hit by a bike last night, I decided tonight to book a private therapy class with a teacher I trust to help me feel better and to work through the pain and stiffness the accident caused.

My teacher gently corrected and repositioned my postures and manually stretched my whole body so that I would feel better. I felt an enormous difference when she showed me how to correctly place my ribcage during downward dog, feet during frog, and knees in several of the spine-twisting postures. The little adjustments completely changed how I performed the poses and how they made me feel. I felt a deeper stretch through my hips, my back and ribcage felt more open, I released some pressure I had been holding in my arms and hands, and I learned how to correctly hold my legs and feet in lunging poses (to reduce strain on my back). The class felt challenging but incredibly restorative, which is just what I needed.

My yoga studio’s theme for the week happened to be restoration, so this therapy was perfectly apt and couldn’t have come at a better time. I said to my teacher, ‘If I had to be clobbered by a bike, at least something positive came of it.’ I will continue with group classes from hereon in, but I feel that I can do several postures better now and I feel my body’s own strength. In classes – whether pilates, yoga, gym, or any other form of training – I often focus on fixing my weaknesses and problems rather than using my strengths. This class showed me that I am a lot stronger – physically and emotionally – than I often give myself credit for. It was simply a matter of correction rather than criticism and willingness to harness my own power rather than backing down or running away from it.

I am a lucky girl.  


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