“I am restless by nature. It’s exciting. I am in a constant search to better myself.” – Mario Testino

Two days ago, I had graston therapy for the first time in several months. I’ve moved home to Canada and I returned to the physiotherapy clinic that first offered me graston. My therapist was gentle with me and worked on my legs and pelvis, breaking down the scar tissue that had built up in my legs and helping me stretch out my tight hip flexors. The treatment was excruciatingly painful and I came away with bruises, but he and I laughed and joked our way through the hour to distract me from the discomfort.

Graston therapy will once again become a regular part of my treatment, particularly to continue wearing down the scar tissue in my legs and then to prevent it from building back up. This will increase the range of motion I have through my knees and help me walk with straighter legs. Graston helps to reduce the visibility of my disability, which has always been a primary concern over the course of my therapeutic process.

Now that I have returned home, my rehabilitation will consist of weekly physiotherapy, massage, pilates, and yoga. I will try to attend at least one yoga class per day (in the evenings after work). Yoga has become my ‘me time’: the thing I do to relax, unwind, and feel well and healthy. It has become something as routine as brushing my teeth and something that I feel I can happily commit to for the rest of my life.


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