I started my day with the first yoga class I’ve had since returning to Canada. I signed up for a hot vinyasa class called power and, while I was deeply humbled, I couldn’t think of a better way to begin the morning. I had never previously done morning yoga, having always saved it for the evening to work off the stress of the day. Doing it in the morning proved to be just as much of a relief as working through the flow in the evening. The last couple of weeks without exercise had made my already stiff and tight body even more uncomfortable. An early morning class helped soothe my discomfort and stress; I can never ever again go this long without engaging in some form of physical activity.

I chose an all-levels class because it was a hot flow and felt very challenged, but I felt as though I stretched my body from the inside out, and I opened myself up in order to rid my body of all the negative energy I’d carried around since my last few days in London. I was very sad to leave and spent weeks feeling depressed – even through a consistent yoga practice – and the unhappiness worsened when I touched down at home. Taking yoga today helped restore some trust in myself and my body that I’d lost due to circumstances that were completely beyond my control. I feel as though I can regain any strength that has left me and further heal both my body and my soul.

I think I will still commit to an evening yoga practice because I’m not a morning person and I find it’s the best way to finish the day (especially if the day has been hard) but I got a new perspective trying a new studio and a new class first thing in the morning. I was really nervous upon waking today and almost didn’t attend, but I forced myself to ‘just show up and get on the mat’ and I couldn’t have done a better thing for myself. I was afraid of failing because I’d been away from the practice for two and a half weeks, but I now have a place from which to work and a new community to plug myself into. My class was called power – and will be the one I participate in from hereon in – and it unlocked my own power, physically and spiritually.


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