I had particularly bad back pain and stiffness today that melted away with yoga in the evening. I spent the entire day waiting for my yoga class so I could stretch and relieve the soreness in my back. Pain management has been a part of my life for five years now and, though any respite is only temporary, yoga has been very effective.

I am still not very ‘good at’ yoga, but I’ve realized that the point of yoga is not to be ‘good at’ it, but to practice it. I can still have a good class and get the health benefits of the practice even though I struggle with it. Yoga wouldn’t be worth it if it weren’t challenging and, no matter how hard the class is, I always leave feeling grateful that I went. I always leave glad that I forced myself to go – whether I wanted to or not – because every class helps me relax tightness, manage pain, relieve stress, and feel healthier. The flow of vinyasa feels very pure.

My name means ‘a beautiful light’ in Arabic. A close friend who’d seen me close myself down from an open person to a private and reserved person once encouraged me to allow myself to be a bit more open again because I had a light inside of me that I couldn’t lose. Yoga has opened me to that light.


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