I care a lot about my personal appearance and the clothes I wear, but I can often be seen in yoga clothes because I plan on going to yoga later that evening. A couple of weeks ago, I got together with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in years. She wore a gorgeous summer dress, nice shoes, and chic sunglasses. She carried herself with assuredness and confidence that wasn’t overstated or ostentatious. She simply presented well. She inspired me to do the same.

I’ve begun dressing up and carrying my yoga clothes in my bag. Last week, I met a friend for lunch wearing a new work-appropriate dress and new sandals. The attire made me feel better about myself. I didn’t necessarily feel pretty, but I felt more pulled together and professional. I felt like I was – literally and metaphorically – putting my best foot forward. We had a nice lunch and a relaxed chat, and I felt happy for the rest of the day.

This doesn’t mean that I have to constantly buy new dresses or bags in order to do well, but I’ve realized that dressing better in my everyday life has made me more confident. I already feel that I carry myself differently when I wear a summer dress as opposed to wearing yoga tops and shorts. This isn’t to say that I’m unfashionable, a slob, or that I never cared about my appearance before this, but I’ve already noticed a shift in the energy I project out into the world by dressing up to go to the corner store.

A couple of years ago, a friend kindly told me, ‘When you are confident, people will flock to you.’ I didn’t believe him at the time, but I am starting to believe in the value of quiet self-confidence. I have spent my life confusing confidence with arrogance, but there is nothing wrong – or even remotely amiss – with being comfortable in your own skin. It’s really important to make – and live – that distinction.


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