I typically practice vinyasa yoga but tried a form similar to bikram last night. The room was heated to a hotter temperature and I expected the practice to be very static, but it was similarly fluid to my daily vinyasa classes. I also expected to struggle through the practice – since I usually struggle through bikram yoga – but I found that the practice made me feel very powerful and very open.

In yoga, people speak of shining your heart forward when you perform a forward-facing pose or move into a balancing pose. I felt that my whole practice last night involved shining my heart forward. I didn’t fear the challenge of the class; I opened myself up to the possible adversity and considered the work a healthy challenge rather than a fight. I felt – for the first time in a very long time – that I was working with my body rather than against it.

Trying a different form of yoga also helped me move through the different poses in a different way. I felt as though something new were waking up inside of me, as though I were discovering a part of myself that I had never before experienced. I know now that I will certainly include this form of yoga in my practice. I will alternate between power and hot classes to avoid complacency and to open myself up to possibilities that I don’t often let myself feel.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a very therapeutic private class because I felt as though I was just ‘going through the motions’ with my vinyasa practice and I needed a wake up call. I needed a different perspective. This alternate form of hot yoga is my answer and my complement to vinyasa. Vinyasa is my safe place, but hot can become my safe challenge, which is exactly what I needed. I feel that this will only make my practice better and make me feel as though I am making real progress through my therapy.

During the practice last night, Megan played a slower female cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky.’ It retained the spirit of the song but was presented with a different perspective, and that’s what this new work is.


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