Last night, I had a massage and I told my massage therapist that I needed graston treatment behind my knees. Graston breaks down scar tissue under the skin and helps with mobility and agility. It is excruciatingly painful and scar tissue builds back up if a patient does not go for regular treatment (which is the case with me). I can feel that scar tissue in my knee has built up again and I need to have graston to wear down the tissue and regain some mobility in my knee.

I told my massage therapist that graston will always hurt. It will never get any easier. Dry needling and acupuncture got easier and less scary with time, and yoga feels more comfortable than it used to, but graston hurts every time and it always will. Even though I expect it to hurt, I also expected that I would develop a certain tolerance for it, but that has never materialised. The thirtieth treatment hurt just as much as the first. It feels like getting a fast intense sunburn all at once.

Graston is extremely useful and the results are worth the pain and discomfort. I just wish my body would learn to tolerate it more so that it wouldn’t be so unbearable every time.


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