I started this blog just over two years ago. A few weeks after I began blogging, a woman called Nicola found me. She has cerebral palsy and blogs about her experience (at viewfromawalkingframe). I love her writing and the videos she now posts to the blog and YouTube. She’s a good writer and a kind and thoughtful person.

I don’t follow Nic because she has a disability or because she’s inspirational. I would read her blog regardless of its theme, content, or purpose. I follow her just because she’s sweet. While I understand the intention of following similar people or reading blogs because you want to find information that relates to your own experience, that’s not why I follow Nic. I follow her because she found me and, in doing so, allowed me to discover what a wonderful lady she is.

This is another reason why I hate the idea of ‘disability inspiration.’ Nic is certainly inspiring, but I don’t consider her disability a factor in it at all. I think she’s inspiring just because she’s a good person. The world is a better place for having her in it, and that’s more than enough of a reason to be inspiring or for people to read her blog and watch her videos. Even if she didn’t have a disability-centered online presence, she’d still have something to write about and something to say.

I have had more traffic on this blog on my ‘informative’ posts than any other posts. The most popular post is actually my pilates teacher Annabel’s guest post about how pilates can help cerebral palsy. Other people have found my blog when they want to know about how chiropractic medicine, yoga, and massage can also help cerebral palsy. That’s why I started this blog and that was my original intention for the book I’ve been working on: to illustrate that specific therapies and athletic training can better the physicality and functionality of a person with cerebral palsy. I expanded the blog a little bit more once I felt the need to discuss things that were ‘all of me’ rather than just the therapy I have been lucky enough to use. I don’t know if the same is true of Nic, though her blog tends to be more what mine eventually became: a well-rounded picture of life experience through the disability lens.

Don’t follow someone because she’s inspirational. Follow someone – like Nic – just because she’s a wonderful person.


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  1. nicolanoo says:

    This is so sweet, thank you!

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