I recently discovered a YouTuber called Marcus Butler; I watched his daily vlog about surprising Zoe Sugg on her birthday, and then I toddled over to his main channel and watched a video titled ‘What I Do When Home Alone.’ He asked viewers if they did the same and if what he did was weird. I laughed through the video not only because it was funny, but because we’ve all felt this way about who we are and what we do: are we the only ones? Is what we do weird?

Do other people do these things, feel this way, think these things?


EVERYTHING we think, feel, do, say, want, need . . . EVERYTHING . . . has been experienced and felt by someone else. EVERYTHING. We are never alone in anything we feel, do, want, need . . . EVER. We are never ‘the only one’ or ‘not like everybody else.’

The feeling that we are weird or somehow doing things that other people aren’t is also universal. We all experience times when we don’t fit in, we don’t belong, and we don’t feel accepted by ourselves or others. I think this is the biggest life lesson I wish I could teach my younger self: I am not an aberration. I am not somehow flawed while everyone else is ‘normal’ or acceptable in a way that I am not. I am quirky, certainly, and sometimes socially clumsy, but everything I have been through – and everything I will go through – has been experienced by someone else, and much of it is universal.

Thank you, Marcus, for inspiring a blog post that made me laugh, made me laugh at myself, and opened an opportunity for me to talk about something I have always had a hard time with. I still struggle with it. I think I will struggle with it all my life – in some way – but it’s good to gain some perspective and to realize that life – and everything we experience – is always a matter of our perspective.


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