I’ve been a bit fed up with blogging for a while now because I find it self-indulgent. Who cares about me and my daily life? It’s why I was so reluctant to start blogging in the first place. I didn’t think anyone would care and I thought that it was just self-indulgent.

I thought the same of vlogging until recently. I really love tutorials and makeup vlogs that teach you how to do things or give you new perspective and information on products, but I found daily ‘follow me around’ vlogging rather self indulgent until I stumbled upon the work of Hannah Maggs.

I started watching her makeup tutorials, but now I’ve progressed onto her vlogs and I really love them in a way I have never enjoyed ‘follow me around’ vlogs before. Her life is interesting, she’s a charming woman, and I actually really enjoy getting to know her and her family via her video diary. Her work doesn’t feel self-indulgent to me.

Lovely way to start the day.


About Norah

writer. aspiring editor.
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